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Through global sharing we can find answers to many questions that challenge us. We are a non-political, cross-cultural, socially responsible location where we can stir our ideas around and create new positive outcomes from many cultural inputs.


Surprise, is picking up steam…..but

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For various reasons, we've moved it to a new location. Notice I said "we!" There is a new team working on the site, a team filled with a lot more knowledge than I have. So together the "new" lives in a new corner of the web ....right here Read More

Pivot, Part Two

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Health | 0 comments

I have made progress since I posted my last blog.  While the details are still being worked out, suffice it to say I have had plenty of time to ponder what Goldenboomers is and where I felt it should go. I’ve taken many brainstorms and finally narrowed them down to just a few.  The... Read More

Diana Nyad, part two

Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in Inspirational, International, Ripples, The Journey | 0 comments

Diana Nyad Words of wisdom from a 64 year old athlete at the top of her form who is about to complete a 112 mile swim from Cuba to the Keys. I have written about her before, she is an excellent role model for goldenboomers, but anything I say won’t come close to what she says here…. Read More

Goldenboomers, evolving and change

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In the interests of how we evolve, I also wanted to point out that I have been challenged (thanks JM) to consider Not only why I am doing this, but what I want to get out of goldenboomers and what I am willing to put into it. The why is easy, as I have been involved in socially active efforts which in some way benefit others since I was a young lad in Germany. I have always thought that we could be a catalyst for change while we try to remain as neutral as possible and do not have a political agenda. The second part is a bit harder. Of course I want to earn money doing this. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on domain names, website design and computer equipment in 14 years. Read More

Gen Silent

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I had a chance to watch a moving documentary that examines loss, love, family and rejection that seniors feel as they travel on that emotional and financial roller coaster that they are on as they age. Afraid to go to senior care communities (I think many of us share that sentiment!) they survive within small groups, supporting each other as best they can. Loss is seen by rejection and loneliness they feel as they discover family members who don’t want to take part in their lives. We can feel the love they share with each other as they laugh, cry and care for each other. The audience can feel the pathos of the subjects. I heard more than a few sniffs from tears as they shared the feelings of these people. Read More

Who’s buying “Young“Cars? Seniors!

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Who’s buying “Young“Cars? Seniors Sometimes the auto market just gets stood on its head. What were designed for the 20-30 year demographic is also turning heads among the Goldenboomers. Now some automobile manufacturers are planning (and implementing) a two pronged marketing strategy, to include both demographics. According to this New York Times article “42% of subcompact buyers this year (that is January through May) were close to retirement age.” Read More

Baby Boomers Second Act

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Baby Boomers’ Second Act It is funny; I started out with a defined path to take by referring to an article in the New York Times and then pivoted to this article. I will refer to “A House Sealed for Freshness” tomorrow. Apparently baby boomers are more apt to keep living in their homes as they age. While that is great for the communities where these homes are, it is creating some apprehension in the boardrooms of retirement communities. After all retirement communities offer so much that is vital to the individual retiree: activities, socialization, exercise and of course housing. Top it off with access to shops, beauty salons, art studios and gardens. But goldenboomers want to maintain their independence. Forget about living with “old “people. They want to go off and be free. What many don’t understand is that in fact, they can do just that from within their new homes. Many will be able to sell their homes and move to other locations where their dollar will go further. Others will downsize (creating a new market for designers and builders) into “right-sized” homes. One thing is for certain, it will be hard to pin down the goldenboomers. For a look at how trends will impact shift our lives as we age take a look at this article from the New York Times… Read More